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You have Payroll.
We fund it.

Finally, a system that funds your B2B business' payroll with the backing of your unpaid invoices.


Learn more about our simple, cost effective payroll funding solution and see if your business qualifies.

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How it Works

Payroll Friday creates a revolving credit source focused specifically on meeting your payroll demands.Your B2B business invoices provide the collateral. As your customers make payments, your account is refreshed and excess funds are immediately wired to you.

Payroll Friday Customer Meeting

1. Apply & Receive Approval within 48 Hours

Share information with us about your B2B company such as the services you provide, the customers you work with, and the size and cost of your team. Our team will review your information and can provide a decision on approval within 2 business days. 

Accounting Team Meeting

2. Create a Cash Value for Unpaid Invoices

Payroll Friday maintains funds for your payroll while managing your accounts receivable (AR).The cost is surprisingly reasonable - typically, less than 1% of invoice totals.


3. Receive Funds in Your Payroll Bank Account

Payroll Friday operates on a weekly cycle. Each Tuesday, we provide you and your payroll servicer with an accounting of funds for payroll (invoices approved for credit vs. outstanding balance). Then, appropriate funds are placed in your payroll account.  

Our Services

What benefits can I expect?

When you bring Payroll Friday on board you'll experience the following benefits for your B2B business:

Cash Flow Equilibrium

Your receivables will have real cash equivalency when needed most.

Financial Peace of Mind

Say goodbye to the stress of making payroll, with us, payroll is covered.

No More Chasing Payments

Stop calling customers for payments; have more time for planning growth.

Avoid Short-term Loans

No more resorting to high-cost, short-term loans to bridge payroll gaps.

Family Financial Independence

No more advances from your savings or urgent loans from family.

Employee Confidence

Retain your top talent through consistency in meeting payroll. 

Serving B2B companies in the following industries and beyond:

  • Construction Industry

  • Manufacturing Industry

  • Distribution Industry

  • Professional Services 

  • Architecture & Engineering

  • Supply Chain Services

  • Medical & Office Supplies

  • Janitorial Services

  • Food Services Industry

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