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About Us

At Payroll Friday, we are a team of experienced investment lenders and small business operators with a passion for helping B2B businesses thrive. 

Meet Our Founder

Mike Johnston

Our founder, Mike Johnston, is not only an ICC (A) General Contractor with licenses throughout the lower 48 states but also a visionary who recognizes the struggles small B2B business owners face in managing their cash flow.

Mike left the telecommunications industry with two undeniable truths: most small businesses require assistance in managing their cash flow, and sadly, many aren't receiving the help they desperately need. After conducting extensive interviews with multiple lenders, Mike set out to create a solution that could alleviate the very real cash flow challenges faced by small business owners today.


This vision led to the birth of Payroll Friday.

Solving Cash Flow Nightmares

The saying - "most businesses fail due to a lack of capital" - only tells part of the story. More often than not, B2B business failures result from an unmanageable cash flow structure. Our clients turn to us because they find themselves unable to bridge the operational gap between submitting an invoice and receiving payment.

​Most businesses have the financial strength to cover payroll when considering their current financial ratio (current assets vs. current liabilities) but lack the cash. We specialize in solving this problem, by providing an alternative that allow our B2B business clients to focus on growing their businesses with the cash flow confidence needed to maintain consistency in paying their employees.

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