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Never Stress About Making Payroll Again

Our Process for Helping you Make Your Payroll

Payroll Friday advances cash for payroll by recognizing the value of your B2B business' unpaid invoices. Now, payments arriving next week will fund this Friday’s payroll. Your relationship with Payroll Friday can be set up as a permanent, ongoing solution for supporting your payroll needs, or as an occasional stop-gap for those needing extra cash to meet payroll commitments. 

A Cost-Effective Solution

Once implemented, you can finally quit thinking about payroll altogether. The cost of this service can be as low as 0.5% of your total receipts, making it so affordable that most of our B2B business clients keep the service in place on an ongoing basis for its insurance value alone. 

You will never need a high-interest small business loan again.

Streamlined Weekly Operations

Payroll Friday operates on a weekly cycle. Each Tuesday, we provide you and your payroll servicer with an accounting of funds for payroll (invoices approved for credit vs. outstanding balance). Appropriate funds are placed in your payroll account upon notice from your servicer.  

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